Minding the body: Adventures from the neck down

Friday, 2/19/16: Morning workout (Abs/Forearms/Wrists/Hands)

  • 0620 – Wake up, Ian!
  • 0635 – PRE-WORKOUT EATS: Quick protein shake – 8g LP.
  • 0705 – At the gym w/Nathan! Commence the movement!
  1. Warmup 90 second static stretch of each of the following: upper hamstrings, lower hamstrings, internal obliques/rectus abdominus
    1. Elliptical – 12 minutes @ level 10, “rolling hills” setting. Completed 3.8 miles &  100kCals
  2. Abdominal Circuit Four repetitions of the following, with <15s between repts & sets
    1. 10 frog kicks (hanging leg raises, knees 2 chest) – FAST up, SLOW down (w/ankle weight)
    2. 10 good morning twists (5/leg) – 20lb bar over shoulders
    3. 1 minute plank – rotate hips, move in circles (for added difficulty)
  3. Wrist & Forearm Circuit 5 repetitions of the following
    1. 30 seconds jump rope
    2. 30 seconds shadow boxing, w/5 pound dumbbells for resistance
    3. 30 seconds handstand (both hands)
    4. 10 seconds handstand (right hand only, left hand only)
    5. 30 seconds shadow boxing, w/yellow resistance band
    6. 10 seconds shadow boxing, no resistance
  5. Cool down
    1. 200 meter swim, easy

POST-WORKOUT EATS: 1 serving of melon, cantaloupe, pineapple, 2 slices of toast, water, some breakfast potatoes, and some scrambled eggs. Protein shake – 25g LP.

Uhhhhh. Why’d I share my exercise routine from yesterday on a blog about the human mind? (Shouldn’t this go on me and Matthew’s PHITNESS PAYGE???)

Up until this point most of the junk emanating from this digital thoughtstream has to do with personal opinions, arguments, and beliefs of mine. All of these are geared towards consciousness/the mind/awareness/whatever you’re currently experiencing…but have I entered any useful discussions? Can I even define or rationalize my favorite idea to myself, let alone others? When I think or talk about consciousness my initial inspiration and eventual word-vomit ends up fitting a pretty small range of concepts, experiences, & possibilities. But today it struck me that there are a huge collection of ways to describe, share, and learn from the experiences of being a brain – of being a person. There’s at least 7 billion unique ways to be conscious! And many of these lives & realities I haven’t even considered!!! Why, at age 24, is my vocabulary (and my thinking) so limited to the neuro-realm on this subject?

It should be obvious enough that there are a lot of ways to interpret or describe thinking, awareness, & reality. Right? Yeah. Yet within the existing collection of blog posts on this page of mine I in hindsight notice a very narrow perspective – a rather self-serving & disappointing tendency to stick to the stuff that seems extremely & specifically relevant to the subjects of neuroscience and philosophy. So many questions, but so few possibilities…That doesn’t seem right! Science is great and all, but who ever got anywhere by staying entirely their own scholastic comfort zone? Last time I checked I had an academic blog for that. Even though these are the areas of my education, familiarity, and enjoyable intellectual romping, there is certainly a big world beyond one’s first playground. There is no need or benefit to focusing exclusively or only on how to characterize consciousness from the slant of neuroscience & philosophy – at least not all the time. Thinking that way hasn’t even been useful at all towards writing or sharing things with you all – I withhold many (or most) of the thoughts I would otherwise explore, unpack, and possibly share, simply because they can’t quite be pidgeonholed into my career focus.

Let’s avoid that!

There’s a saying from a beloved Zen Master of today that I think of:

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities.

In the expert’s mind there are few.

My narrow focus and interests suggest I consider myself a seasoned expert on the subject of consciousness – having seen and heard just about everything that could be shown or said about it. But I’m the OPPOSITE of a seasoned expert on minds – I’m just learning about them now! I’m a beginner. And like this little saying above – are not beginners open to and intrigued by the many possibilities? Can’t I explore some of my ideas or random queries without jumping into the physiology of behavior? These ruminations have me considering that I need to broaden my horizens just a bit, write more loosely about consciousness, and also to just write about stuff. Listening to existing ideas and conversations is surely as or more revealing than attempting to spew out something original of my own.

That is a bit disheartening, but also awesome – there’s so much to learn!

With that said, and your workout challenge above, GET OFF OF HERE & GET SOME EXERCISE!


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