field notes (3/27/17)

For the past few minutes I have been glued to my seat and, not unlike a dog on a squirrel, am completely transfixed. But it isn’t a sock-tailed click of a furball upon which I am exerting all of my attention. Nope. Not even close. It is an eensy weensy praying mantis, perhaps 1/2 an inch long, sitting here in front of me on my windowsill. It’s yanked the very life and intention out of me! I need to sit and watch. He/it just looks so good here in the morning sun, likely enhanced in appearance by his novelty and utter strangeness.

It has maybe been a week since I got him – a purchase from Analuna downstairs. For 10$ I got a large jar with some topsoil-ish dirt up to the 4oz mark. A pinecone, stick, and several stones are the largest of landmarks in this world, inhabited by one teensy weensy brown mantis. Included in the purchase was a spray bottle for daily misting and an endless food supply- self-replicating fruit flies.

So here we sit.

Of significant detriment to my ability to observe my ever-growing green friend is his jar. It has so much bullshit all over it – markings, etc – one cannot see inside. I’ll find a better enclosure, maybe one of the bottles I have beneath my sink.


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