field notes (4/2/2017)

11:00AM Twenty minutes until I have to get up and go to work.

A few sights & sounds this morning. I woke up at 9:32am and went off to the bathroom where mantis and the fly colony were still parked next to the light bulb in a floor lamp. I peed & felt frustrated by the high-entropy state of the bathroom (but also pleasantly awake). Took my 100mg of Lamictal & went back out to bedroom. Realized my alarm had been set for 9:35am and briefly delighted in my brain’s unintentional timeliness. I mean, it was chance, but we’ll act for the sake of my ego that my brain is a highly advanced timekeeping device.

Went downstairs and nearly didn’t find coffee. Found coffee. Made coffee. Rolled a joint & went down to the porch. It is suddenly quite cold again, upper 30’s or less, after a 60+ degree day yesterday. My long underwear (bottoms) and sweatshirt were not a good match or meet for the burst of grey chilly air that was waiting.

Smoked as the street, on the tail end of waking up, roared on. A loud motorcycle growled its way past me – Yamaha, maybe? A red and white thing with gnashing metal guts. Gear guts. Gnashing metal gear guts.

Only a few of these little birds in the bushes by the porch steps. 3 to be exact. 2 had more patterned and distinctive markings – perhaps males? One was mostly brown.

They were chirping intermittently-2 or 3 high-pitched clucks @ a time. I still hear single chirps like this outside as I write, perhaps every 5-10 seconds. Sitting with them earlier I eventually began to whistle a bit: high note followed by a low note (like a mockingbird?). It got their attention. They emerged from the bushes and perched on the little ends closer to me and stared at me. They chirped and I whistled back, sometimes mimicking them. But then they left. I felt momentarily like an annoying idiot.


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