planet earth (4/15/17)

got to have quite the conscious experience last night- a viewing of 2 episodes of planet earth, narrated by David Attenbarrauoouaggh. such a beautiful show. to add to the splendor was the fact that i was sitting between kava vasquez and juliette myers, who are obviously the coolest cats in town. adding still to the overall splendor aforementioned was the group drunkenness, which offered a surprising contribution to the viewing experience.

what a trip. my mind was totally blown. i had seen planet earth before but never while drunk, and the combination left me incredibly stirred. the images of animal life were compelling- especially to watch wolves hunting their prey, locking on to onr another in this weird hydraulic dance. the vast, open plains of (everywhere?) were dappled with capillaries in “rivers,” which adjusted to a kind of seasonal heartbeat, and in “mountains” we essentially watched large cats being badasses.

it was safe to say all three of us were mesmerized by the hunting sequences. to watch wolves and dogs (or any other large predator) coordinate in a pack to grab a meal was remarkable. each one of the large predators were so pretty. the cats were especially beautiful. juliette really liked the show leopards and the dingo doggies (jackals? african wild dogs? i dont remember). i liked the wolves. kava liked the nachos she was preparing in the kitchen. juliette had been exuberantly chill about the death sequences, offering comments that were firmly loose about it all: “that’s life!” “you gonna be ok?” 

partway through the second episode she held up an iPhone note. it read:

i quite liked her scribblings and asked her to send them to me (duh). in the past few nights ive been having some very bizarre dreams that I have shared with her privately. Juliette is an artist & her iPhone inscription felt like a pretty nice assessment of both those dreams and the Planet Earth episodes. And since both of those things are in line w conversations in consciousness it seemed like an appropriate time for a guest feature. 

thanks Juliette!!! 


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