Funky Feynman


In this video, Richard Feynman shares some thoughts that he apparently had while sitting near a swimming pool. What begins as a plain instance of body shaming quickly turns into a rant about the psychedelic and somewhat unbelievable nature of light.

Looking and acting like he had LSD for breakfast, Feynman leaves us younger viewers wishing that modern science had a single figurehead as entertaining or engaging.

5 thoughts on “Funky Feynman

  1. I found this blog because I was looking up information about famous synesthetes like Daniel Tammet. Tammet has fascinated me for nearly nine years, and I adore your post about him that you wrote in September where you discuss finding out that you’re a synesthete.

    Feynman was also a synesthete – in one of his books he mentioned that he saw equations in color.

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      1. It looks to be “What Do You Care What Other People Think?” according to Wikipedia’s synesthesia article.

        In Tammet’s memoir Born on a Blue Day (so named due to his synesthesia) he has a chapter on memorizing thousands of digits of the numerical constant pi. Hundreds of digits in, there is a portion of the number known as the Feynman point, which is six (I think) 9s in a row. Feynman joked that he wanted to memorize pi up to that point and end by saying “999999 and so on” 😛


          1. It was because of that book I learned there were other autistic people whose minds worked like mine. For that, I feel I owe Tammet something. Over the past several days, I briefly communicated with him via email. I wish I could have a long conversation with him somehow, but he is a very busy man, and I have far more free time than he does.

            You may enjoy his second book, which is on cognitive science and is called Embracing the Wide Sky. I felt it was a lot drier than his first, almost like a textbook, though I did enjoy his thoughts on IQ tests. He learned that he has an IQ of 140, and turned down the opportunity to join Mensa, quoting Groucho Marx as part of his reason.


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