Free Ideas

Hey so here’s an idea, is, what if you learned how to sew really good, and then whenever someone needed help sewing stuff you could say,

“Hey, me!”

And as soon as they hand you the thing you could say,

“That’ll be 5 dollars.”

(This idea is free for you, not for the guy giving you the 5 dollars.)

For a neato collapsible keyring apparatus just force your keys onto one of those shaker-bottle silver spiral bally balls

A language class for adults where motherese is employed in the first 12 weeks, sesame street viewing for the subsequent 4 weeks, and basic vocab/picture book study for the subsequent 4 weeks. then a regular 8 week course in basic vocab & grammar study

“Well, there’s gastrointestinal ventriloquism” -Julia

but guys, please don’t take this idea, bc it really matters to her.